Half Moon Bay

Absolute Aqua

The beauty of the sea in Half Moon Bay was the theme for this Gala Dinner.

Live waterfalls decorated the ballroom walls at the Ritz Carlton while guests dined at their own water-themed tables.

Each square table was adorned with glass blown aquamarine accents and stunning Phillip Stark acrylic chairs.

Centerpieces consisted of various shaped glass vases […]

Santa Cruz Wine Tours

The sunny days, cool nights, and long growing season of the Santa Cruz Mountains have long been recognized as ideal for producing fine hand-crafted, world-class artisan wines. Discover the elaborate process and art of producing fine California wines–from the initial stage of planting the grapes, to the nurturing and maturing on the vines, to […]

Hiking in Half Moon Bay

The magnificent Redwood Preserve offers the perfect location for hiking excursions.

Breathe in the fresh scent of the outdoors, feel the cool whispering breeze and enjoy the variety of foliage as you hike along meandering streams, lush ferns and towering Redwoods.

Filoli Estate & Gardens

Join us for a unique visit to Filoli, one of California’s most beautiful Estate and Garden homes. Spanning a 100-year-history, this stately Georgian-style mansion is one of the finest remaining country estates of the early 20th century. A docent-led tour will cover the interesting history and the magic of Filoli. Over 20 acres of […]